Spoiling your Precious babies & Making your life easier is what we do

They deserve to be spoiled and you deserve the very best!



A message from Coco (CEO - Chihuahua & Emblematic Officer)

Welcome to the Magic world of PreciousCoCo!

My dear friends, welcome to an amazing world made for us. We are all different and that's why it is a magic world. I am personally passionate about well-being and nutrition, that's why I work with amazing treats suppliers from around Canada and developed a line of Wellness & Care products. 

I surrounded myself with a great team to create a Precious world for everyone. Together we test the toys, share the treats, brainstorm on cool products that we want and we take care of ourselves.

Remember, you are all Precious as you are and we all deserve to be loved.

On behalf of the entire team, Welcome to a Precious World!

COCO, Precious since 2018.  


Meet The Precious Destroying Team

Precious Jojo

Happy and Energetic Squeaker-Seeker.

Precious Junior

Clever and Passionate De-Fluffer.

Precious Luna

Magnificent Potato and Ultimate Destroyer.

A little about our Precious mission.

At PreciousCoCo, We Love, We Spoil, We Care - All at once!

PreciousCoCo's mission is to care for our pets with the best products, a complete line of wellness & care products developed to suit their needs and all-natural nutritious treats in a wide range of Canadian brands so that they can live a long, playful, happy life.

They are our babies and they deserve the very best like anyone else in the family.

They are Precious - You know it and they know it too!

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