Who are we?

PreciousCoCo is a Canadian company based in Toronto. Our passionate and dedicated team wants every dog and cat to feel special while making life easier for their adoptive parents. Our goal is to offer a VIP vision for our four-legged friends. They deserve to be spoiled!

PreciousCoCo offers bimonthly (Precious-Box) and seasonal (VIP-Box) subscription boxes delivered directly to your home and an Online Boutique. Our two categories of luxury boxes are customizable to your needs. Yes, you have the opportunity to choose their compositions!

We want to encourage small businesses in Canada with an organic and ecologic vision and share this love with our best friends. PreciousCoCo is extremely proud to have SOI Bioluxe as our permanent supplier of organic, handmade pet  wellness and care products.

We invite you to be part of the dream we have for our friends. Our promise is that you will feel the love every time you open one of our boxes or use one of our products.

Your little doggie or kitty will thank you!

On behalf of the entire team,
Welcome to the Magic World of PreciousCoCo!