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Paws Bento - Krunchy Kangaroo Chips


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Product Description

♕Only One Ingredient ♕

🐾 Wild Kangaroo Certified for Human consumption
🐾 Dogs & Cats
🐾 Rich in Iron and Zinc
🐾 No Preservatives
🐾 No Additives
🐾 Gluten-Free
🐾 Low Fat

♡ Handmade in Canada with Love ♡

Kangaroo meat is 98% fat-free, contains higher levels of zinc and iron in comparison with other red meats. They are not farmed, meaning the meat is considered naturally organic as there would be no human intervention such as the use of hormones, antibiotics, or other medications. Paws Bento's Kangaroo Chips are one of the thinnest you can find on the market, making them easy to break into small pieces and ideal for training.

💎PreciousCoCo's Favourite💎

A portion of their profits is donated to PADs (Pacific Assistant Dogs Society) to help raise and train dogs who will be changing the lives of those who have physical or vision impairment.

✔︎Available in both Precious-Box and VIP-Box

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