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Mosi’s Munchies’ Bully Boy ring


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Product Description

Mosi’s Munchies’ Bully Boy ring
Ambassador Bully Boys are an excellent gift for your furry friend when they're in the shape of a wreath (aka. Teething ring).
♕Only One Ingredient ♕

🐾 Ontario Sourced Meat
🐾 For Dogs
🐾 All Natural
🐾 No Preservatives
🐾 No Additives
🐾 Gluten-Free

About Mosis’s Munchies
Mosi's Munchies has been offering the best selection of all-natural, dehydrated treats and chews at unbeatable prices. All of their products are made right here in Ontario from Ontario sourced meats, with no preservatives or additives, to give our pets the best quality!

✔︎Available in both Precious-Box and VIP-Box

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