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Fraser Valley Duck Neck Chew (Two/Packaging)


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Product Description

Canadian sourced duck necks dehydrated under low temperatures. These crunchy and satisfying chews will keep your dog's mind active, they're also nature's toothbrushes that are particularly good for cleaning the back teeth.

Are bones safe for dogs?
- In this case yes! These duck necks are safe for your dog to consume. However, cooked bones are not as they can splinter and damage the throat. Dehydrated bones will break instead of splintering. And as duck necks are a soft bone, they're 100% digestible by your dog.  Supervision is recommended as with all chews.

♕Only One Ingredient ♕
🐾No Preservatives
🐾No Additives

✔︎Available in both Precious-Box and VIP-Box

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