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Coffee Cup-Paw Cleaner

$20.00 - $30.00

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Product Description

Paw Cleaners
Are you tired of bathing your dog every time he or she goes outside during rainy days? Do you know there is a great product that will save you the hassle?

What? A Paw Cleaner, really?

You will no longer have to bathe your dog immediately after the walks nor clean the house because your dog soiled it with its dirty paws.
Not only will a Paw Cleaner wash your puppy’s paws but also simplify your life and save your time.
We know you’ll love it!

How to use your Paw Cleaner?

Pour warm water into the paw cleaner to fill it halfway.

Add 2 drops of PreciousCoCo’s Organic Liquid Foaming Soap (this product is a super-concentrated gel made with Castille Soap, Jojoba, Almond & Castor Oils that disinfects your dog's paws and removes dirt).

Put each muddy paw into the paw cleaner. Twist the cup, move up and down, keep it going until completely clean.
As soon as your companion's paws are clean, dab the paws dry with PreciousCoCo’s bamboo towel .

How do I clean my Paw Cleaner?

Pull the silicone bristle brush, unclip it to lay flat. Rinse the silicone bristle brush along with the paw cleaner cup under warm water and let them air dry.

Et voila!

It has never been easier. Cleaned paws on your dog, satisfied smile on you!
🐾 Size: (M) Paw Cleaner - 14’’ circumference: recommended for paws with a maximum of 9’’ in circumference ✔︎ Available in both Precious-Box and VIP-Box

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