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Oh My Dogness - Triple Curls (Beef)


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Product Description

Crunchy little tubes of tripe and an Oh My Dogness customer favourite! Our beef is premium quality grass fed and free range from Brazil. High in B vitamins and essential minerals, our tripe curls are a tasty low fat treat. They break apart easily making them perfect non-greasy training treats as well!

♕ Single Ingredient
🐾 Air Dried
🐾 Small Batch
🐾 Antibiotic/Hormone Free
✋🏼 Handmade in Ontario

Recommended for Dogs!


🐾Room Temperature: 1 month
🐾Refrigerated: 2 months
🐾Freezer: 1 year


🐾 For optimal freshness, keep product in the sealed bag provided or airtight container of your choice
🐾 Store treats in a cool, dark & dry place
🐾 Wash hands with soap and water after handling
🐾 Always supervise your pet when feeding

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