What's Inside?

With each box, receive a selection of handmade Canadian treats, organic wellness & care products, supplies, accessories, chews, toys, and more. 

Suits your needs

Customize your box to your needs! 

You can choose what's inside or let us surprise you!

Your Precious box will include 2 toys, 2 natural bags of treats made in Canada, 1 chew or 1 accessory, and 1 organic wellness & care product.

Value between $70 and $90.

Want to add something special in your box for your Precious baby... We knew you'd say so! Upgrade to the VIP box.

Value between $100 and $150.

Your VIP box will contain the same number of items as the Precious box + a VIP combo of star items of your choice such as clothes, collars, harnesses, leashes, bowls, paw cleaners, travel water bottles, grooming supplies, and more.


Handmade Canadian Treats

All our treats are handmade in Canada!

PreciousCoCo encourages small businesses in Canada with an organic and ecologic vision. With our selection of treats, we want to share the Canadian handmade-with-love with our best friends. 

An all natural diet is number one for your Precious baby's health!

Since the beginning, PreciousCoCo has been offering an amazing selection of all natural treats and chews with no preservatives or additives. We ensure a variety of Precious treats with seasonal products to discover in our boxes.    

At least two handmade Canadian treat bags  in every box!

Because we spoil, only the best is good enough for your Precious babies.


Wellness & Care Products

These are PreciousCoCo signature items you won't find anywhere else. 

Handmade with love and certified Organic, our selection of Wellness & Care products was designed in collaboration with SOI Bioluxe.

With our selection of Coco Moisturizers, Paw Protective Balms, Shampoo Bars,  Calming Rollers, and more - Enjoy mindful moments of love with your Precious babies!

Because we care, you can add a Wellness & Care product of your choice in every box. 


VIP Combos

The VIP combos are made up of items such as clothes, collars, harnesses, leashes, bowls, paw cleaners, travel water bottles, grooming supplies, and much more.

Available by subscribing to the VIP box or by shopping directly in the online Precious Store.


Additional Information

From little nugget to Mastiff, every box will spoil your perfect baby with products tailored to their needs.

You know your baby better than anyone else. that's why you can select some of the products and customize your box to have full satisfaction. Want to add more items in your box, We'll let you do that too!

Subscribe for 6 months or a year and receive new items to surprise your baby with each box.

Our selection changes continuously.

Your baby won't see a box the same way ever again!

Welcome to the Magic World of PreciousCoCo!

How It Works

1. Select your box plan


Choose between Precious and VIP options. Pick a subscription plan. Starting at only $21.67/month with a yearly subscription.

2. Customize the content of 

your box


Choose what you want inside your boxes from our selection of natural treats made in Canada, organic wellness & care products, toys, chews, fashionable items, trendy clothes and accessories or let us surprise you. 

3. Experience the Precious difference


You want what is best for your babies, us too. Get high-quality items and support ecofriendly, local and Canadian products. Experience Love every time you open a box!                              

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Precious-Box and the VIP-Box?

The Precious-Box contains essential goods such as treats, toys and wellness & care products. The Precious-Box is delivered every two months. The VIP-Box contains the same essential goods + a VIP combo of star items such as clothes, collars, harnesses, leashes, bowls, paw cleaners, travel water bottles, grooming supplies, and more. The VIP-Box is delivered every three months. 

How do the items in the box fit the size of my dog?

Before you order, you will create a profile and you will enter all the necessary information such as the breed, size, age and personality of your dog. This facilitates the composition of your box to serve you better.

My dog is a destroyer, how though are the toys?

All our toys are tested by our four-legged workers, including destroyers. When subscribing, you will be asked to answer the personality of your dog so we know exactly which toy is ideal for your furry friend. No toys are totally indestructible but our toys are made to last. 

Do I need to subscribe to get a box?

You don't need to subscribe to purchase one box. Subscription for multiple boxes will only make you save more per box and get amazing deals, free shipping and discounted rates on other items in our online Precious Shop. 

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Absolutely, PreciousCoCo is about sharing love, spoiling and caring for our furry friends. What a great way to do that with a gift. Simply go to the GET STARTED section and choose the box you want to give as a gift.

Does PreciousCoCo ship outside of Canada?

PreciousCoCo ships only within Canada. We want to support local consumption and the Canadian market. The majority of our products are Canadian and we are working towards having everything made in Canada. We are making it happen, one step at a time.

I live in the Greater Toronto Area, can I pick up my order and save on shipping?

Yes, you can. When finalizing your order, you will be asked if you prefer pickup. Information regarding our pickup location is emailed to you directly.

Are you ready to subscribe to PreciousCoCo?